The Zethr plan

With key features like pick your very own dividend rate, interactive gambling games, and a home Bankroll that consistently pays profits to token holders, Zethr aimed to guarantee participation and longevity within this project that its predecessors have never been able to attain, but sadly neglected themselves. What’s Zethr? . Zethr wasn’t a financing platform, stock, or other controlled security vehicle. Zethr wasn’t guaranteed to make you wealthy. That said, here is what Zethr was: Zethr was a community driven decentralized gambling platform powered by tokens that value in value as token supply goes up and decreases as token supply goes down, and a home border for a casino that pays dividends on a regular basis holders of tokens - in brief: A gaming powered dividend pyramid.

Casino. The casino was a selection playable games with tokens. Since there was no transfer price for Zethr tokens, users were capable to play these games free of to continue to collect tokens from the cost. The casino could have many to continue to collect tokens from the small house edge. As the project grew with time, the casino attempted border, because the tokens were held home token supply and raised the cost floor of the tokens from the bankroll rather than users, this efficiently increased the minimal token supply and raised the price floor of the tokens.

In addition, dividends received by the home from tokens it held could be consistently reinvested - efficiently distributing profits to all present token holders. This wallet allowed whitelisting of casino games as they established them allowing the games to hook into the bankroll and use it to pay winnings. Regrettably, whilst Zethr tried as hard as they possible can and did have a little following, they could not enjoy more success than others a conclusion following a brief run in things. You may still find plenty of folks attempting to make this kind gaming more workable than others a few enjoying more success than others. Regrettably Zethr wasn’t one of them.